Intro to Environmental Engineer-Stephen Bedford-Clark and his reasoning behind building an Algae based biofuel plant and all of the beneficial by-products.




A documentary of GIGANTIC and tiny green proportions, and based on the journey of a South Australian family, the Bedford-Clarks, as they build and install their own algae ponds and pilot processing plant to prove to the world that Algae based bio fuel is by far the most viable of all renewable technologies, because the Bedford-Clark's believe that people should have a choice about what fuel they use to power their lives and a choice about what harm they do to the Earth and it's inhabitants in doing so.


Stephen believes that it's high time that the mining magnates and petrochemical junkies cut humanity free from the ties of dependancy on a finite and destructive resource and liberate millions of dollars from such industries, back into the hands of the consumers.












Working with Flinders University in South Australia, the Bedford-Clarks aim to revitalise a dying town and prove that algae is the answer to the world's detrimental addiction to fossil fuel mining, believing that the reduction in fossil fuel mining will not create a new level of unemployment, but will instead create more educational and employment opportunities, in a wider range of industries, as well as a healthier, wealthier and more sustainable earth.


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