Animal Volunteers Abroad



Witness and participate in the trials, tribulations, tears and enrichment of a group of young AVA’s- Animal Volunteers Abroad as they are thrown into the deep, dirty and sometimes bloody end of animal rescue.


Following a group of gap year students, AVA-Animal Volunteers Abroad is a compelling and continually expanding hybrid, Survivoresque style observational and participatory program of the individual transformation of a group of teenagers.


From a myriad of demographics, we send them to a mystery destination around the world to get down and dirty volunteering in an animal sanctuary with no time to prepare for the climate or cultural differences- or even the type of animals that they will be caring for, to do the impossible and sometimes unthinkable, as one by one, they discover themselves and their purpose in life.














When you're dealing with so many emotional, physical, cultural and religious factors, anything can - and will - happen.

So stay tuned for action, adventure, drama, intrigue, heartbreak and jaw dropping sights and scenes, as we take you to the heart of all things animal, as seen through the eyes of the young, innocent and impressionable AVA's- Animal Volunteers Abroad.


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