Animal Volunteers Abroad



Ever wanted to travel to foreign lands and exotic destinations?

Ever fancied yourself as a bit of a hero?

Passionate about animals and the environment?

Are you 17-20 years of age and due for a gap year?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then Animal Volunteers Abroad is the reality show for you.


Using a combination of video diary, fly-on-the-wall and direct interview footage, AVA focuses on a group of naive school leavers as they volunteer in a wide variety of animal welfare, rescue and rehabilitation centres around the world.
















When you're dealing with so many emotional, physical, cultural and religious factors, anything can - and will - happen. So stay tuned for action, adventure, drama, intrigue, heartbreak and jaw dropping sights and scenes, as we take you to the heart of all things animal, as seen through the eyes of the young, innocent and impressionable Animal Volunteers Abroad. We send them to a series of mystery destinations around the world to experience life as far from their normal routines and comfort zones as possible, whilst volunteering in animal welfare refuges and rescue centres.


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