Animalis is an intelligent, considered and balanced investigative, documentary television series about the laws, legislation, policies and politics of animal rights and welfare issues from economical, environmental, ethical, medical, cultural, religious and scientific perspectives on a global scale by focusing on individual, systemic and industrialised human animal interactions.


As the world's first investigative program focusing exclusively on human animal connections, Animalis deep dives into a multitude of animal based concerns by speaking to everyone on all sides of the fence and those in between to ask the hard questions, to get to the truth and present it to the you so you can make more informed and compassionate decisions within your daily life.














Designed to enhance the general knowledge and in-depth understanding about the wide variety of interests and relationships that human beings have with the animal kingdom to educate, entertain, enlighten and empower, Animalis will have a direct and definitive impact on all demographics as every single person on this earth, whether they realise it or not, has a relationship with animals.


As our main source of food, we use them for fun, for sport, for testing, for tourism, and for our amusement and enjoyment, all without their consent, let alone their desire.

For centuries, animals have been revered as gods, known as healers, played the roles of messengers, saviours, soldiers, guides, herders, guards, props, police.

Kept us company, kept us warm, kept us fashionable, kept us mobile and transported our mail, our coal, our weapons, our waste, ourselves and our food.

Ploughed our fields, plowed through our enemies at war, and plowed through crowds.

Are bred specifically to endure a short lifetime of pain, suffering and despair confined in cold, cramped cages, pens, stalls, sheds and in laboratories being injected, implanted, infused, injured and impaled all for our comfort and convenience.

And yet reports from the scientific community are being sent out by the dozens telling us that animals really are sentient beings- Do feel pain, fear, hunger, love and loneliness.

And although blatantly obvious that animals are exactly the same as human beings- just in different clothes and are wanting the same things that most human beings do- to lead a happy peaceful life in good health with the ability to put good food in front of their family and yet it seems that the human race is in a race to completely destroy all animal life on this planet for their own advancement, regardless of the moral, ethical, mental and eventually the economical and environmental costs.

As a polarizing, investigative series, Animalis will put a spotlight on and feature in-depth interviews of the good, the bad and the downright diabolical.


First trailer for Animalis- the worlds first and only investigative, animal rights and welfare, current affairs program.


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